Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Statehood Movement? Phl for Annexation By China

With Chinese ships maneuvering unimpeded all over the South China Sea, and the Philippines unable to do anything but watch,China's home-grown J-20 supersonic stealth jet fighter undergoes operational testing in China there is a miniscule yet growing number of Filipinos who are taking to heart the adage “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” These folks are the 21st century version of the “Philippine Statehood” movement of the sixties and seventies. And while the rest of us might quickly dismiss them as an inconsequential, fringe group, they do make compelling arguments for their cause.

Adding fuel to the fire, on May 7, 2012 He Jia, a TV news anchor for China's state broadcaster CCTV said on-air that “the Philippines is an inherent part of China's territory over which China has unquestionable sovereignty.” What Jia really meant to say was that the Spratly Islands were part of China. Though she quickly apologized for her gaffe, ultra-nationalist Chinese lit up the internet agreeing with her initial statement.

So why do a handful of Pinoy uber pessimists harbor the notion that the Philippines would be better off under China? Here are a few of the arguments they put forth:

China will soon be the world’s richest and most powerful country. The Philippines might as well become part of it sooner rather than later.

The decades-long Mindanao conflict that has so divided the country will come to an end should the Philippines becomes part of China. Since China is atheistic, neither Catholics nor Moslems will have any power to control anything.  It will also be the fulfillment of Jose Rizal’s dream of finally ridding the country from the grip of the Spanish friars or their modern-day counterparts in the CBCP (Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines).

Filipinos thrive and prosper when someone else makes the rules. As an example, Filipinos in North America do very well under American and Canadian governance where laws are enforced strictly but evenhandedly on everyone.

China’s one-child policy will slam the brakes on the Philippines’ exploding population. Forced sterilization after a certain number of children could well become a distinct reality under Chinese rule—this would be like the RH Bill (Reproductive Health Bill) but on steroids.
 The Philippine Military in no way, shape or form can stand up to China’s war machine as it stands today. Forcing our young men to battle such an overwhelming foe would be nothing short of sheer irresponsibility. It would be like marching our boys into a giant meat grinder!
 The Philippine economy today is already controlled by the Chinese anyway. Filipino-Chinese businesses are among the largest private sector employers in the country. Most Filipinos already have a Chinese boss.

 In a few decades even the United States will be unable to decisively defeat China. The Philippines will have no one to turn to even if the U.S. really wanted to help.

 In China, there is swift justice for all those who break the law. He Jia, an anchor for China's CCTV, news program “24 Hours” apologized after mistakenly saying that the Philippines was part of ChinaEven high ranking politicians get the axe.  In 2007 China executed Zheng Xiaoyu who ran China’s Food and Drug Administration. Mr. Xiaoyu was found guilty of corruption in May 2007 and was executed two months later in July. No decades-long court maneuverings like you have in Philippine courts where only those with lots of money have the staying power and the ability to out-bribe their opponents.

The Philippines was number one in Southeast Asia when it gained independence from the United States in 1946. Since then it has gone from the very top to near bottom in the six decades since Filipinos started calling the shots. It takes a lot more than just really bad luck to fall that far down. Pinoys it seems are simply incapable of properly governing themselves.

Though overwhelmingly unpopular today, future generations of Filipinos will be thankful that the country became part of China. Just ask Hawaiians whether they’re glad they are part of the United States? In 1898 when the Newlands Resolution was passed annexing the Hawaiian Islands as part of America, the majority of native Hawaiians were against it. Those opposed to annexation have long since passed away but, their progeny who make up today’s Hawaiians are all proud to be Americans.

While we at pinoyofwcommunity.com do not necessarily agree or disagree with the above arguments, we do find them persuasive and thus offer them to you our readers for analysis and comment. Tell us what you think.



  1. philippines will never become a part of china !!!!!

  2. Gabo CastaƱedaAugust 1, 2012 at 4:58 AM

    1) Most powerful country in terms of what? economically speaking, China has been slowing down recently - nay, failing. Rapid growth cannot be sustained, and what we're seeing now is the crash after the high. I'm guessing you have no idea what's been happening to the Chinese economy recently. no?
    2.1)China is not an "atheist nation" so to speak. What is NOT considered here is the fact that under China, religious activity needs to be sanctioned and places of worship registered; there is a lack of true religious freedom. This might end the Mindanao conflict in the sense of uniting people to keep the government from infringing on people's rights to practice religion.
    2.2)Rizal's dream of ridding the country of the modern-day counterparts of the Spanish friars, the CBCP?? Ever heard of the separation between Church and State? The only reason the CBCP has influence is because of their following; unlike that of the Spanish friars who actually had political power. Although it might not seem like it, our government has long been secular.
    3) American and canadian governance where laws are enforced strictly and evenhandedly on anyone?? is that even serious?? You're honestly saying you don't know anything about discrimination and racism? Once under China, Filipinos will become nothing but second-class citizens. Why don't you consider that?
    4)Are resources really thinly spread so as to make distributions meaningless (as the RH bill suggests) or is it just UNEVENLY spread? Why don't you tell me how forced sterilization is a benefit exactly?
    5)Yes, our military sucks. but guess what? we got friends on every side and they have our backs if China tries to do anything stupid. Japan, S. Korea, Spain, Italy and even Russia wants us to be able to defend ourselves. Did you know the Princess? of Spain went to the Philippines and wants to GIVE us weapons to defend ourselves? Did you know that almost every country in the South East Asian Region is preparing to fight back against China? Not to mention the present day Military superpower that is the U.S. who has long been preparing neighboring countries around China to defend themselves or perhaps even move against it. We have a mutual defense agreement with those guys. Remember that military aid U.S. gave to India (the only army in the world that can stand against China in terms of numbers) starting in 2010 and is continuing until now? Yeah, that one - it's to build capabilities directed against China. How about U.S. military cooperation with Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia? Oh did I mention we've also just created a mutual defense agreement with Australia (that's right, a whole fucking continent bitch) as well?
    6) Defeat China in terms of what? Militarily?? Every single piece of Chinese military equipment is a pirated version of U.S. tech. You wanna talk about Military prowess? Nimitz-class aircraft carriers baby - only one Nation has them; the U.S. How many aircraft carriers China got? One? Two? Cheap ass Chinese versions, second-fucking-hand from Russia..
    7) Swift Justice? You didn't see the video of that kid getting run over by 2 vehicles and nobody helping did you? the one caught on CCTV? China as a country is massive and powerful, but if you've ever really been to China (or at the very least, did a bit of research) you'd know that majority of their population live under horrible living conditions.. even worse labor conditions.
    8) Independence?? why don't you study a bit of history. the only reason our nation's state declined after being granted independence was because economic reforms prior to that independence made our economy almost entirely dependent on the United States! And now that we're starting to turn things around you're looking for another colonial master??

  3. Un-accepted! Filipinos will stand and die for the Country. Back of China, Fuck Off!